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Wiper Blades Service Special

It's easy to forget that wipers are a safety feature—until you are in heavy rain or snow, perhaps blinded by glare through dirty glass. An unclean or obscured windshield is a true hazard. Just as you typically don't know the washer fluid tank is empty until it no longer squirts cleaner, drivers may not realize that the wipers are shot until there is an immediate visibility concern. By then, it can be too late. In fact, many accidents are a result of poor visibility.

Wiper blades have a limited service life. They perform repeatedly in harsh conditions. Dirt, debris, and road grime abrade wipers, and sunlight breaks down their rubber edges which causes the lifespan to shorten.

Beyond visibility, it is important not to wait too long to replace a blade! When you hear scraping of a windshield blade, it is caused from a torn wiper blade, allowing the wiper arm to rub against the glass, potentially scratching and ruining your windshield. 

It is important to replace both front and rear wiper blades.

Coupon for Wiper Blades - Free Install

Wiper Blades - Free Install


If your windshield wiper blades are skipping or streaking, take advantage of this RARE limited time offer at Hyundai of Wentzville today! When you purchase a new set of wiper blades, we will install them on your vehicle free of charge.

*See service advisor for details. Not able to be combined with other offers. Most makes and models. Must present coupon at time of service.
Coupon Expires: Jun 30, 2020
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